Support and Programs


Unique challenges

  • Patients and caregivers coping with dysautonomia conditions face unique challenges.
  • Physicians treating dysautonomia conditions face unique challenges.
  • Educational systems serving dysautonomia patients face unique challenges.

DYNA believes that provided with proper medical treatment, support and guidance most dysautonomia patients can have a better and more productive quality of life.

DYNA's experience has driven the opinion that the overall health care costs of dysautonomia patients can be lowered through better education, information, support and treatment.

DYNA aims to provide school systems nationwide with a greater awareness of dysautonomia conditions to in order to ensure proper educational support for all suffering from dysautonomia. Proper educational support for dysautonomia students creates opportunity for careers, fosters independent living and avoids creating a physical and financial drain on our healthcare system and society.

DYNA feels that the physicians and health care professionals who treat those with dysautonomia deserve to be supported with evidence-based guidelines, specialized expertise, focused education and empathetic awareness.

DYNA’s goal is to make all of this possible by transforming what is currently a reactive and stagnant dysautonomia patient-care system, a system that not only overwhelms and underserves its users but also overwhelms and underserves physicians, into a supportive system that educates patients, promotes proper treatment techniques, provides proven strategies and results in compassionate medical management for all.

DYNA offers:

  • Private Membership Only Youth Ambassador Program
  • Private Patient Conferences for Current Youth Ambassadors & Families
  • Intimate Physician Colloquium
  • Physician Support and Research Opportunities
  • Medically Endorsed and Reliable Guidance to All Patients, Families, Educational Systems, and the General Public
  • Current, Accurate and Reliable Literature
  • Informative and Professional Web-Site
  • Involved and Cognizant Medical Advisory Board
  • Informative and Experienced Educational Advisory Board
  • Knowledgeable / Experienced / Compassionate Personnel
  • One-on-One Mentoring for Interested Patients / Families
  • Private Networking Opportunities for Patients, Caregivers and Physicians
  • Dysautonomia Awareness Campaigns
  • Community Activities
  • HOPE

To join our private youth forum

If you are a young person under the age of 27 and wish to join DYNA's Youth Ambassador Program please go to this link: