Living with Dysautonomia


Panic stricken and desperate parents, relatives, and patients often contact the DYNA office asking, “What doctor is best?” “What drug will fix this?” “What treatment will cure?” 

There is no one doctor that is best, no one drug that will fix everything, and no one treatment that will cure.  Recovery involves a combination of factors.
Determination is absolutely necessary for recovery. Endless perseverance is needed. Patience is required. Recovery takes a lot of very hard work on the patient’s part. The cure lies within the patient. Others can help but the hardest work will be entirely up to the patient.

Don’t seek magic cures outside as they don’t exist there and won’t exist there. Look within yourself – that is where the magic cure truly lies.

There are some very good doctors who can help medically. There are medications that can assist. But the patient must find their inner-strength and be willing to work harder than they ever imagined possible.
With most medical conditions, doctors will tell people that taking that first step is the hardest. That seemingly impossible first step is actually the easiest with dysautonomia conditions. It is the agonizing and seemingly impossible additional steps that matter most. Patients can’t give up and can’t give in. No one else can walk this walk for the dysautonomia patient. They must use their own legs. 


“Dysautonomia can be your beauty or your beast, your curse or blessing, your heaven or hell...I choose to be make it my beauty, blessing and heaven. I choose to be happy."

~ Ashli Jones, DYNA Youth Ambassador