Apply to DYNA Youth Ambassador Program


JOIN DYNA Youth Ambassadors and Live Your Recovery Not Your Illness!


DYNA Youth Ambassadors are a group of young advocates who are afflicted with dysautonomia conditions and who, instead of feeling sorry for themselves, are taking action by volunteering for the DYNA organization, spreading accurate information, promoting group awareness and offering each other support via a Private Members Only Online Forum.

Young people interested in applying for the DYNA Youth Ambassador Program should first read the main Youth Ambassadors Program page. If they agree to the terms and are still interested in applying, then they should proceed below.


Who should apply?

The DYNA Youth Ambassadors program is open to

  • emotionally healthy individuals . . .
  • who agree to the program guidelines . . .
  • and are UNDER AGE 27 (or who are still in college because of their medical condition) . . .
  • and who have a primary dysautonomia diagnosis. 

Please note: The Youth Ambassador Program is not qualified to accept patients if their dysautonomia condition is not their primary symptom causing medical condition (such as patients with severe primary mitochondrial disease, primary chiari, etc.).  These individuals are best served by organizations and specialists who manage their primary symptom causing condition as those organization are more qualified to serve their specific needs.


The Application Process

DYNA follows a strict membership process for Internet safety reasons and adherence to our policies is mandatory.

There is an application process on purpose.  It takes a few steps to join but once you are in the program you will know that you are connecting with quality young people who have an official diagnosis and positive attitude.  DYNA Youth Ambassadors are people who pull you up, help you succeed and encourage you.

The application process consists of:

  1. Reading the JOIN DYNA information page.
  2. Agreeing to the Honor Code and completing the database registration. 
  3. Registering for a Forum Account via email directions from the DYNA office.
  4. Completing a short phone introduction to the program

Click here to apply