Kate's Story


I first joined DYNA in 2004 after being diagnosed with POTS at the age of 15.  Since then, DYNA has continually provided me with a friendly and supportive network of individuals who understand the medical struggles I have faced.  I even met my current POTS specialist through DYNA.  I have not missed a Summer Chill since my first in 2006.  This event defines what DYNA means to me: Family.  Not only has it helped to further educate my mom and myself regarding my Dysautonomia condition, but it has also given me the ability to socialize without being fearful of judgment.  I have been able to take these positive experiences and apply them elsewhere in my life.  I am not the shy, scared person I used to be.  DYNA has helped me to emerge from the shell illness wrapped me in.  Because of DYNA I know life is bigger than POTS.  I embrace the difficulties my health gives me as opportunities for growth.  I cherish all of the friendships I have made in DYNA.  When I feel lonely, I think about those friendships and know that the love I feel is mutual and I am not alone.  It has been 8 years since I was diagnosed with POTS and, though it has not been easy, I know it has been easier thanks to DYNA.  I am empowered by the hope this organization creates through the positivism its members are committed to.  Though there is no cure for POTS, I know that it is not winning because DYNA has shown me I have strength.  Since being a part of DYNA, I am better able to appreciate Life and all of the gifts I have been given.  Especially POTS.