Kellie B.

I used to have an ordinary life
Doing the things you do between the ages of 1-4 and 1-5
Soccer was the sport I played and
Church was where I went and prayed
I used to go shopping with my friends
Going from store to store until the day ends

Then one day every thing changed
My life was different, no longer the same
I became sick and didn't know what was wrong
The doctors were confused, it was like being hit with a bomb
I stayed home from school because I was too sick to go
Some friends disappeared, they became a no-show

I stayed in the hospital for a couple of days
The doctors said I had mono and sent me away
I felt a little better and went on the trip
But that was a mistake, and I began to lose grip

I didn't have mono, the test it had lied
I sat on my bed and wanted to cry
Then I remembered a song so true
About when your down and stuck feeling blue
The song simply states five words about our King
And how he answers prayers when “I Get On My Knees”

So that's what I did, on my knees I went
With my hands folded and with my head bent
I asked God to please, help me
Give me a doctor who can find what's in my body

He answered my prayer, by sending to me
A doctor so smart by the name of Puri
He scheduled a test that made me dizzy
That test was the answer, yes it was the key
Finally they knew, they knew what was wrong
After it took them oh so, so long
I was very nervous when Dr. Puri talked
He said I had something called dysautonomia and P.O.T.S.

We started to research to find out more
And my mom found a web site called dynakids.org
It has a bunch of people with the same thing as me
We e-mail and chat and talk about the disease

I've made some new friends who are really sweet
And I'm pulling my life together because I refuse to be beat
So if you ask me if I am sad
About all the bad luck that I have had
I'll have to say no, because I believe
That God and my family never have and never will leave.