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Honored to serve the dysautonomia community:

We are very honored to serve the dysautonomia community and will answer your questions as promptly as possible.


We are a volunteer operated organization. Our office resources are limited. Please consider DONATING to DYNA so that we can remain available to the community we serve.


Before contacting us:


Please be sure to read our web-site fully.

UNFORTUNATELY WE ARE NOT ABLE TO RECOMMEND DOCTORS IN YOUR PARTICULAR AREA. PLEASE REFER TO OUR WEBSITE LINK: "FINDING THE RIGHT DOCTOR FOR YOU" FOR PHYSICIAN INFORMATION. Often patients must travel to a specialist to receive initial proper medical treatment before a local doctor can take over care.


If you call us for information we will politely ask you to consider making a donation to our organization. We care about you and we care about being here to serve those that come after you.


Our main email is: [email protected]


Please remember that our office is manned by volunteers who will ask you to consider making a donation if you contact us.  Without your support we will not be able to continue to provide our services so we don't mind begging.

Please Note:

Unfortunately, DYNA, Inc. is not aware of and does not have the resources to provide funding to patients for medical bills or educational scholarships